Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AppendExternalData - Append data to gathered files


version 0.003


   source_dir = pod       ; required
   prune_source_dir = 1   ; default


This Dist::Zilla plugin appends files in a directory to files being gathered for the distribution.

When using this plugin, be thoughtful about the order in which you want files to be modified. For example, if you are appending Pod, it makes a big difference if you append before or after a plugin like PodWeaver. If you list this plugin first, the Pod will be appended before weaving and the added Pod will wind up in the middle of the generated Pod. If this plugin is listed last, the Pod will be appended after weaving and will follow the generated Pod from PodWeaver.

If appending a __DATA__ section, be sure to put this plugin last among plugins that modify your files.


source_dir (REQUIRED)

This is the directory containing data to append. Files within this directory that have the same relative names as modules and executables will have their contents appended. E.g. if source_dir is pod, then pod/lib/ will be appended to lib/ If a gathered file does not match a file in the source directory or vice-versa, it will not altered and is not considered an error.


This is a boolean that indicates whether the source_dir should also be pruned from the distribution. The default is 1.


This is a proof-of-concept and does not yet have any tests of its behavior.


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