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Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Bootstrap::ShareDir::Module - Use a share directory on your dist for a module during bootstrap


version 1.001002


This module allows one to load a Module styled ShareDir using a Bootstrap mechanism so a distribution can use files in its own source tree when building with itself.

This is very much like the Bootstrap::lib plugin in that it injects libraries into @INC based on your existing source tree, or a previous build you ran.

And it is syntactically like the ModuleShareDirs plugin.

Note that this is really only useful for self consuming plugins and will have no effect on the test or run phases of your dist. ( For that, you'll need Test::File::ShareDir ).



    Foo::Bar = shares/foo_bar
    Foo::Baz = shares/foo_baz

    Foo::Bar = shares/foo_bar
    Foo::Baz = shares/foo_baz

The only significant difference between this module and ModuleShareDirs is this module exists to make a share visible to plugins for the distribution being built, while ModuleShareDirs exists to export a share directory visible after install time.

Additionally, there are two primary attributes that are provided by Dist::Zilla::Role::Bootstrap, See "ATTRIBUTES" in Dist::Zilla::Role::Bootstrap

For instance, this bootstraps ROOT/Your-Dist-Name-$VERSION/shares/foo_bar if it exists and there's only one $VERSION, otherwise it falls back to simply bootstrapping ROOT/shares/foo_bar

    Foo::Bar = shares/foo_bar
    Foo::Baz = shares/foo_baz
    ; These are special cased
    dir = share
    try_built = 1


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