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Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Dpkg::PerlbrewStarman - Generate dpkg files for your perlbrew-backed, starman-based perl app


version 0.16


A minimal directory structure for application foo:


A minimal configuration:

    web_server      = nginx
    starman_port    = 6000

A configuration showing optional attributes and their defaults:

    web_server      = nginx
    starman_port    = 6000
    psgi_script     = script/foo.psgi
    starman_workers = 5
    startup_time    = 30

A configuration showing optional attributes that have no defaults:

    web_server      = apache
    starman_port    = 6000
    apache_modules  = ldap ssl
    uid             = 782


This Dist::Zilla plugin generates Debian control files that are suitable for packaging a self-contained Plack application utilizing the Starman preforking PSGI HTTP server. Key features include supporting an independent perl environment and the generation and installation of init scripts to manage the service.

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Dpkg::PerlbrewStarman is an implementation of Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Dpkg, which itself is an abstract base class more than anything. It provides the basic framework by which this Dist::Zilla plugin builds the Debian control files. If the desired functionality cannot be achieved by PerlbrewStarman, check there for other control templates that may be overridden.

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Dpkg::PerlbrewStarman provides defaults for the following Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Dpkg stubs:

  • conffiles_template_default

  • control_template_default

  • default_template_default

  • init_template_default

  • install_template_default

  • postinst_template_default

  • postrm_template_default

PerlbrewStarman is intended to be used to deploy applications that meet the following requirements:

  • perlbrew -- others have reported using PerlbrewStarman under other systems (e.g., Carton)

  • Plack/PSGI using the Starman preforking HTTP server listening on localhost

  • Apache and/or nginx are utilized as front-end HTTP proxies

  • Application may be preloaded (using Starman's --preload-app)

  • Application does not require root privileges

Directory structure

The package is installed under /srv/$PACKAGE. Though Debian policy generally forbids packages from installing into /srv, PerlbrewStarman was written for third-party distribution, not for inclusion into Debian. This may change.

By default, your application must conform to the following directory structure:

  • perl environment in perlbrew

  • application configuration in config

  • Apache and/or nginx configuration in config/apache/$PACKAGE.conf and/or config/nginx/$PACKAGE.conf

  • PSGI and other application scripts in script

  • application libraries in lib

  • application templates in root

Only files located in these directories will be installed. Additional files may be added to the is list by specifying a path to an alternative install control file using install_template. The default install template looks like this:

    config/* srv/{$package_name}/config
    lib/* srv/{$package_name}/lib
    root/* srv/{$package_name}/root
    script/* srv/{$package_name}/script
    perlbrew/* srv/{$package_name}/perlbrew

The package name is substituted for {$package_name} by Text::Template via Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Dpkg.

Paths may also be removed, but note that the only path in the default directory structure that is not utilized elsewhere by PerlbrewStarman is root/*.

Other paths

PerlbrewStarman creates a number of files under /etc in order to integrate with init as well as the front-end HTTP proxy. The directory /var/log/$PACKAGE and the link /etc/$PACKAGE are created as normalized locations for log files and app configuration, respectively. These paths should be intuitively familiar for most UNIX administrators.

Following is a complete list of files and symlinks created:

  • /etc/init.d/$PACKAGE

  • /etc/default/$PACKAGE

  • /var/log/$PACKAGE

  • /etc/apache2/sites-available/$PACKAGE => /srv/$PACKAGE/config/apache/$PACKAGE.conf

  • /etc/nginx/sites-available/$PACKAGE => /srv/$PACKAGE/config/nginx/$PACKAGE.conf

  • /etc/$PACKAGE => /srv/$PACKAGE/config


By default, /srv/$PACKAGE/perlbrew/bin is prepended to the PATH by way of the PERLBREW_PATH variable in /etc/default/$PACKAGE. The starman binary must be present in the path, else the service will fail to start.

The application runs as user $PACKAGE by way of the --user argument to Starman. Starman flags are specified by the DAEMON_ARGS variable in /etc/default/$PACKAGE.


* Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ChangelogFromGit::Debian * Dist::Zilla::Deb



The port to use for starman (required).


The number of starman workers (5 by default).


Location of the psgi script started by starman. By default this is script/$PACKAGE.psgi.


The amount of time (in seconds) that the init script will wait on startup. Some applications may require more than the default amount of time (30 seconds).


The UID of the user we're adding for the package. This is helpful for syncing UIDs across multiple installations


Set the web server we'll be working with for this package (required). Supported values are apache, nginx, and all for both..


Set any additional Apache modules that will need to be enabled.


Cory G Watson <>


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Infinity Interactive, Inc.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.