Dist::Zilla::Plugin::EnsurePrereqsInstalled - Ensure at build time that all prereqs, including developer, are satisfied


version 0.009


In your dist.ini:



This is a Dist::Zilla plugin that verifies, during the dzil build process, that all required prerequisites are satisfied, including developer prereqs. If any prerequisites are missing, the build is aborted.

Authordeps (developer prerequisites that can be extracted directly from dist.ini) are always checked at the start of the build. This would be equivalent to calling dzil authordeps --missing.

All prerequisites are fetched from the distribution near the end of the build and a final validation check is performed at that time (unless build_phase is release, in which case the check is delayed until just prior to performing the release).

Only 'requires', 'conflicts' and 'x_breaks' prerequisites are checked (by default); other types (e.g. 'recommends' and 'suggests' are ignored).

All prerequisite phases are checked: configure, build, test, runtime, develop (and any custom x_ keys that may also be present, given adequate toolchain support).


This plugin was written for a distribution that does some fiddly work during file munging time that required the installation of a module, specified as an ; authordep Module::Name in dist.ini. When the module is missing, an ugly exception is printed, without a clear explanation that this module was a developer prerequisite that ought to have been installed first.

It is this author's opinion that this check ought to be performed by Dist::Zilla itself, rather than leaving it to an optional plugin.


type (or relationship, prereq_type)

    type = requires
    type = recommends

Indicate what relationship type(s) of prereqs are checked (such as requires, recommends, suggests). Defaults to 'requires'; can be used more than once. (Note that 'conflicts' and 'x_breaks' prereqs are always checked and this cannot be disabled.)


    build_phase = release

Indicates what Dist::Zilla phase to perform the check at - either build (default) or release.


...if anyone has an interest:

  • option to exclude modules from being checked

  • option to prompt to continue instead of dying on unsatisfied prereqs

  • option for different treatment (warn? prompt?) for recommended, suggested prereqs


These plugins all do somewhat similar and overlapping things, but are all useful in their own way:


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