Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides::Package - Extract namespaces/version from traditional packages for provides


version 2.004003


In your dist.ini:


    ; This is the (optional) default: This forces any package versions
    ; added in the "provides" metadata to use the 'version'
    ; specified by dzil.
    ; Set it to 0 to force packages own versions to be respected. ( You probably don't want this )
    inherit_version = 1

    ; This is also the (optional) default: This forces any package without
    ; a version declaration to use the 'version' specified by default.
    ; Set it to 0 to allow packages to have no versions
    inherit_missing = 1

    ; This is the (optional) default: This being true discovers any [MetaNoIndex]
    ; plugins to also further exclude packages from the provides map.
    ; Set it to 0 if for some weird reason you don't want this.
    meta_noindex    = 1

    ; This is the (optional) default: Packages named _Foo::Bar or Foo::_Bar are not indexed.
    ; Set this to 1 to enable indexing of similarly named packages.
    include_underscores = 0


This is a Dist::Zilla Plugin that populates the provides property of META.json and META.yml by absorbing it from your shipped modules, in a manner similar to how PAUSE itself does it.

This allows you to easily create an authoritative index of what module provides what version in advance of PAUSE indexing it, which PAUSE in turn will take verbatim.





A conformant function to the Dist::Zilla::Role::MetaProvider::Provider Role.

signature: $plugin->provides()

returns: Array of Dist::Zilla::MetaProvides::ProvideRecord



This attribute controls automatic skipping of packages.

By default, MetaProvides::Package skips packages matching the following regular expression:


Setting this attribute to a true value will avoid skipping these packages.

This feature was added in 2.004001-TRIAL


This attribute, if specified will

  • Override the FileFinder used to find files containing packages

  • Inhibit autovivification of the .pm file finder

This parameter may be specified multiple times to aggregate a list of finders

OPTIONS INHERITED FROM Dist::Zilla::Role::MetaProvider::Provider


How do you want existing versions ( Versions hard-coded into files before running this plug-in )to be processed?

  • DEFAULT: inherit_version = 1

    Ignore anything you find in a file, and just probe DZIL->version() for a value. This is a sane default and most will want this.

  • inherit_version = 0

    Use this option if you actually want to use hard-coded values in your files and use the versions parsed out of them.


In the event you are using the aforementioned "inherit_version" = 0, this determines how to behave when encountering a module with no version defined.

  • DEFAULT: inherit_missing = 1

    When a module has no version, probe DZIL->version() for an answer. This is what you want if you want to have some files with fixed versions, and others to just automatically be maintained by Dist::Zilla.

  • inherit_missing = 0

    When a module has no version, emit a versionless record in the final metadata.


This is a utility for people who are also using MetaNoIndex, so that its settings can be used to eliminate items from the 'provides' list.

  • meta_noindex = 0

    With this set, any MetaNoIndex plugins are ignored.

  • DEFAULT: meta_noindex = 1

    When a module meets the criteria provided to MetaNoIndex, eliminate it from the metadata shipped to Dist::Zilla.



Kent Fredric <>


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Kent Fredric <>.

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