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Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Perl::Critic::Subset - Tests to check your code against best practices


version 3.001.006


In your dist.ini:

    critic_config = perlcritic.rc ; default / relative to project root

    ; to add some files/dirs
    ;file = t/mytest.t
    ;file = t/myothertest.t
    ;dir  = xt

    ; to exclude some files/dirs by regex
    skip  = todo
    skip  = lib/Bencher/ScenarioR/

    ; you can also specify finders to include/exclude files
    ;finder = :TestFiles
    ;finder = :InstallModules

Another example of specifying finders, by defining a custom finder (see Dist::Zilla::Plugin::FileFinder::ByName for more details):

    [FileFinder::ByName / MyFiles]
    dir = lib
    dir = script
    file = *.t
    skip = lib/Bencher/ScenarioR/

    finder = MyFiles


Fork notice: This is a temporary fork of Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Perl::Critic 3.001 which includes to add finder and files configuration options. These options let you select, include, exclude files to be tested.

This will provide a xt/author/critic.t file for use during the "test" and "release" calls of dzil. To use this, make the changes to dist.ini above and run one of the following:

    dzil test
    dzil release

During these runs, xt/author/critic.t will use Test::Perl::Critic to run Perl::Critic against your code and by report findings.

This plugin accepts the critic_config option, which specifies your own config file for Perl::Critic. It defaults to perlcritic.rc, relative to the project root. If the file does not exist, Perl::Critic will use its defaults.

This plugin is an extension of Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InlineFiles.



Specify a perl critic profile. Will be passed to Test::Perl::Critic's -profile import option.


This is the name of a FileFinder for finding files to check. The default value is :InstallModules, :ExecFiles, :TestFiles (see also Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ExecDir); this option can be used more than once.

Other predefined finders are listed in default_finders in Dist::Zilla::Role::FileFinderUser. You can define your own with the Dist::Zilla::Plugin::FileFinder::ByName plugin.


A filename to also test, in addition to any files found earlier. This option can be repeated to specify multiple additional files.


perlancar <>


This software is copyright (c) 2021, 2020, 2019 by perlancar <>.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.