Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Version::Git::Flowish - Get a version number via git and a flow-inspired structure.


version 0.09


    # [Version::Git::Flowish]
    # master_regexp = ^master$
    # release_regexp = ^release-(\d+.\d+\.\d+)$
    # tag_regexp = ^(\d.\d+\.\d+)$


This plugin consumes the Dist::Zilla VersionProvider role and gleans a version number from Git using a structure similar to Vincent Driessen's git flow model.

The idea is to facilitate automated systems, such as continuous integration, to divine version numbers from the branching and release strategies used in our repositories.

Note that, by default, the version numbers used as defaults by this plugin are in the form of 0.0.0. This can be changed by manipulating the options shown in the Synopsis.

It works like this:

Environment Variable #1

The environment variable FLOWISH_VERSION is checked and used if set.


The current branch is attained via a call to git branch and grepping for the leading *.

    git branch --no-color 2> /dev/null

Case: Master Branch

If the current branch is master, then the most recent tag is attained via:

    git describe --tags --abbrev=0

You can influence how this date is parsed using the tag_regexp option.

Case: Release Branch

If this isn't the master branch, but it begins with "release-" (configurable via master_regexp) then the version number after the release- will be used.

Environment Variable #2

The environment variable FLOWISH_EXTRA_VERSION is checked and appending to the version with an underscore as a separator. This lets you create development versions of whathaveyou.

And Then?

At this point we just give up and return nothing.


Mike Eldridge


Cory G Watson <>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Infinity Interactive.

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