Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::ARODLAND - Use Dist::Zilla like ARODLAND does


version 0.14


This is the plugin bundle that ARODLAND uses. Use it as:


    ;; Same as 'name' earlier in the dist.ini
    dist = My-Dist
    ;; If you're not me
    github_user = joebloe
    ;; Bugtracker: github or rt (or URL)
    bugtracker = rt
    ;; custom homepage / repository
    homepage =
    repository =
    ;; disable certain features so you can do it better on your own
    no_AutoPrereqs = 1
    ;; defaults to the username from your [%PAUSE] or ~/.pause
    authority = cpan:ARODLAND

It's equvalent to

    [AutoPrereqs] ;; Unless no_AutoPrereqs is set
    ;; Only added if these directories exist
    directory = inc
    directory = t
    directory = xt
    directory = utils
    directory = example
    directory = examples
    ;; $github_user is 'arodland' by default
    homepage   =$dist/
    bugtracker.mailto = bug-$
    bugtracker.web =$dist
    repository.web =$github_user/$dist
    repository.url = git://$github_user/$dist.git
    repository.type = git
    license    = 
    authority = cpan:YOURNAME ; if provided
    do_metadata = 1
    do_munging = 1
    locate_comment = 1
    format = Version %v: %{yyyy-MM-dd}d


    [Git::NextVersion] ;; if nextversion is set to 'git'
    [AutoVersion] ;; if nextversion is set to 'autoversion'

    [ModuleBuildTiny] ;; by default

    [MakeMaker] ;; if install_plugin is 'makemaker'

    [ModuleBuild::OptionalXS] ;; if install_plugin is 'modulebuild_optionalxs'


    allow_dirty = dist.ini
    allow_dirty = README
    allow_dirty = Changes
    changelog = Changes
    commit_msg = Release v%v%n%n%c
    push_to = origin


Andrew Rodland <>


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Andrew Rodland.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.