Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::OpusVL - Standard behaviour for OpusVL modules


In your dist.ini:

    mcpani_host =


This generally implements the workflow that OpusVL modules will use.

It is roughly equivalent to:

  ; ...but without GatherDir and UploadToCPAN or TestRelease

  finder = :InstallModules
  [Git::Commit / CommitGeneratedFiles]
  allow_dirty = dist.ini
  allow_dirty = Changes 
  allow_dirty = cpanfile 
  allow_dirty = LICENSE
  dir = script

  [Git::Commit / CommitVersionBump]
  allow_dirty_match = ^lib/
  commit_msg = "Bumped version number"


  [Prereqs / TestMoreWithSubtests]
  -phase = test
  -type  = requires
  Test::More = 0.96

Your module files should contain:

  # ABSTRACT: frobnicates the whirligigs

  our $VERSION = '0.001';

For PodWeaver (the ABSTRACT) and RewriteVersion (the $VERSION).

Your script files should additionally contain

  # PODNAME: myscript

Modules and scripts should thus not contain a NAME section in their POD.


The two modules in this distribution need to be split into roles so we don't have to provide dummy data for mcpani_host in the ToCPAN version that doesn't use it.