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Dist::Zilla::Role::Tempdir - Shell Out and collect the result in a DZ plug-in.


version 1.000000


  package #

  use Moose;
  with 'Dist::Zilla::Role::Tempdir';
  with 'Dist::Zilla::Role::FileInjector';
  with 'Dist::Zilla::Role::InstallTool';

  sub setup_installer {
    my ( $self, $arg ) = @_ ;

    my ( @generated_files ) = $self->capture_tempdir(sub{
      system( $somecommand );

    for ( @generated_files ) {
      if( $_->is_new && $_->name =~ qr/someregex/ ){
        $self->add_file( $_->file );

This role is a convenience role for factoring into other plug-ins to use the power of Unix in any plug-in.

If for whatever reason you need to shell out and run your own app that is not Perl ( i.e.: Java ) to go through the code and make modifications, produce documentation, etc, then this role is for you.

Important to note however, this role ONLY deals with getting Dist::Zilla's state written out to disk, executing your given arbitrary code, and then collecting the results. At no point does it attempt to re-inject those changes back into Dist::Zilla. That is left as an exercise to the plug-in developer.



Creates a temporary and dumps the current state of Dist::Zilla's files into it.

Runs the specified code sub chdir'ed into that tmpdir, and captures the changed files.

  my ( @array ) = $self->capture_tempdir(sub{


Response is an array of ::Tempdir::Item

   [ bless( { name => 'file/Name/Here' ,
      status => 'O' # O = Original, N = New, M = Modified, D = Deleted
      file   => Dist::Zilla::Role::File object
    }, 'Dist::Zilla::Tempdir::Item' ) , bless ( ... ) ..... ]

Make sure to look at Dist::Zilla::Tempdir::Item for usage.



Kent Fredric <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Kent Fredric.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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