DocSet::DocSet::PSPDF - A subclass of DocSet::DocSet for generating PS/PDF docset


See DocSet::DocSet


This subclass of DocSet::DocSet converts the source docset into PS and PDF "books". It uses html2ps to generate the PS file, therefore it uses HTML as its intermediate product, though it uses different templates than DocSet::DocSet::HTML since PS/PDF doesn't require the navigation widgets.


See the majority of the methods in DocSet::DocSet

  • trg_ext


    returns the extension of the target files. html in the case of this sub-class.

  • init


    calls DocSet::DocSet::init and then initializes its own HTML output specific settings.

  • complete

    see DocSet::DocSet

  • write_index_file


    creates index.html file linking all the items of the docset together.

  • create_ps_book

    Generats a PostScript Book

  • create_pdf_book

    Converts PS into PDF (if generate_pdf runtime option is set)


Stas Bekman <stas (at)>