Joseph Strom
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Tk::EditorVi - Composite Tk::TextVi widget


    use Tk::EditorVi;

    $text = $window->EditorVi()->pack();


The Tk::TextVi widget is somewhat limited in that it requires the user to implement the status bar and several callback functions. This module provides a single composite widget that encapsulates the Tk::TextVi widget along with the status bar and scrollbars.

All configuration settings and methods are delegated to the Tk::TextVi widget.

The intent of this module is to provide a framework which can be easily modified as needed, not a stand-alone module. Depending on its use, different composites (such as Tk::LineNumberText) or additional functionality in the callbacks may be needed. Future versions may provide more general wrapping functionality.


    scroll      The Tk::Scrolled composite widget
    textvi      The Tk::TextVi widget
    left        The left status bar used for messages and status information
    right       The right status bar used for commands in progress


No where near as general as it needs to be.


Joseph Strom, <>


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