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Egg::Model::FsaveDate::Base - Base class for model 'FsaveDate'.


This module is succeeded to from Egg::Model::FsaveDate in case of not being from the module if the controller module of Egg::Model::FsaveDate is prepared.


In addition, Egg::Base has been succeeded to.


The directory of the date is made under the control of BASE_PATH, and SAVE_TEXT is preserved as a file in that.

When BASE_PATH is omitted, 'base_path' of the configuration is used.

After the file is output, the passing is returned.

  my $output_path= $e->model('fsavedate')->save($text);

The exception is generated when failing in the file output.

create_dir_name ([TIME_VALUE])

The date is returned from TIME_VALUE as a receipt directory name.

create_file_name ([SAVE_TEXT])

The HEX value generated with Digest::SHA1 by SAVE_TEXT is returned as a file name.

create_body ([SAVE_TEXT])

It is a method for the processing of the preservation data and the return. Data is only returned as it is usually. Please do override from the controller when processing it.


Egg::Release, Egg::Model::FsaveDate, Egg::Helper::Model::FsaveDate, File::Path, FileHandle,


Masatoshi Mizuno <>


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