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Encode::Korean::SKR_1984 - Perl extension for Encoding of Korean: South Korean Romanization 1984.


  use Encode::Korean::SKR_1984;

  $string = decode 'skr-1984', $octets;
  $octets = encode 'skr-1984', $string;

  while($line = <>) {
    print encode 'utf8', decode 'skr-1984', $line;


Encode::Korean::SKR_1984 implements an encoding system of Korean based on the transliteration method of South Korean romanization system, officially released on January 1, 1984 by South Korean Ministry of Education.

This module use Encode implementation base class Encode::Encoding. The conversion is carried by a transliterator object of Encode::Korean::TransliteratorGenerator.

RULES RR of Korean is basically similar to McCune-Reischaur, but uses only low ascii characters. In case of ambiguity, orthographic syllable boundaries may be indicated with a hyphen.

        Unicode name            Transliteration

        kiyeok                  k (g)
        ssangkieok              kk
        nieun                   n
        tikeut                  t (d)
        ssangtikeut             tt
        rieul                   r
        mieum                   m
        pieup                   p (b)
        ssangpieup              pp
        sios                    s (sh)
        ssangsios               ss
        ieung                   ng
        cieuc                   ch (j)
        ssangcieuc              tch
        chieuch                 ch'
        khieukh                 k'
        thieuth                 t'
        phieuph                 p'
        hieuh                   h

        a                       a
        ae                      ae
        ya                      ya
        yae                     yae
        eo                      \x{014F}                (o with breve)
        e                       e
        yeo                     y\x{014F}
        ye                      ye
        o                       o
        wa                      wa
        wae                     wae
        oe                      oe
        yo                      yo
        u                       u
        weo                     wo
        we                      we
        wi                      wi
        yu                      yu
        eu                      \x{016D}                (u with breve)
        yi                      \x{016D}i
        i                       i


Visit, if you need information on Revised Romanization of Korean. Keep in mind that this module uses the transliteration method, not the transcription method.

Visit, if you want a list of Hangul Jamo in Unicode.

See Encode, Encode::Encoding, Encode::Korean, Encode::Korean::TransliteratorGenerator, if you want to know more about relevant modules.

See Encode::KR, Lingua::KO::MacKorean, if you need common encodings.

See Lingua::KO::Romanize::Hangul, if you need a common romanization (transcription method used in public).


You Hyun Jo, <you at cpan dot org>


Copyright (C) 2007 by You Hyun Jo

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.8 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.