Exporter::Rinci - A simple wrapper for Exporter for modules with Rinci metadata


This document describes version 0.030 of Exporter::Rinci (from Perl distribution Exporter-Rinci), released on 2019-08-15.


 package YourModule;

 # most of the time, you only need to do this
 use Exporter::Rinci qw(import);

 our %SPEC;

 # f1 will not be exported by default, but user can import them explicitly using
 # 'use YourModule qw(f1)'
 $SPEC{f1} = { v=>1.1 };
 sub f1 { ... }

 # f2 will be exported by default because it has the export:default tag
 $SPEC{f2} = { v=>1.1, tags=>[qw/a export:default/] };
 sub f2 { ... }

 # f3 will never be exported, and user cannot import them via 'use YourModule
 # qw(f1)' nor via 'use YourModule qw(:a)'
 $SPEC{f3} = { v=>1.1, tags=>[qw/a export:never/] };
 sub f3 { ... }


Exporter::Rinci is a simple wrapper for Exporter. Before handing out control to Exporter's import(), it will look at the exporting module's @EXPORT, @EXPORT_OK, and %EXPORT_TAGS and if they are empty will fill them out with data from Rinci metadata (%SPEC). The rules are similar to Perinci::Exporter: all functions will be put in @EXPORT_OK, except functions with export:never tag will not be exported and functions with export:default tag will be put in @EXPORT. %EXPORT_TAGS will also be filled from functions' tags.


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When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.


If you want something more full-featured, there's Perinci::Exporter. If Exporter::Rinci is like + Rinci, then Perinci::Exporter is like Sub::Exporter + Rinci. It features subroutine renaming, wrapping (adding retries, timeouts, etc).


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