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ExtUtils::LibBuilder - A tool to build C libraries.


    use ExtUtils::LibBuilder;
    my $libbuilder = ExtUtils::LibBuilder->new( %options );


Supports all the method from ExtUtils::CBuilder. The following three methods were adapted to be used in standalone C libraries.


This method creates a new ExtUtils::LibBuilder object. While it supports all ExtUtils::CBuilder methods some might work slightly differently (namely the two below).

You can supply to the constructor any option recognized by ExtUtils::CBuilder constructor. None of them will be used by LibBuilder.

   $libbuilder -> link( objects     => [ "foo.o", "bar.o" ],
                        module_name => "foobar",
                        lib_file    => "libfoobar$libbuilder->{libext}");

Options to the link method are the same as the CBuilder counterpart. Note that the result is a standalone C Library and not a bundle to be loaded by Perl.

Also, note that you can use the libext key to retrieve from the object the common library extension on the running system (including the dot).

  $libbuilder->link_executable( objects => ["main.o"],
                                extra_linker_flags => "-L. -lfoobar",
                                exe_file => "foobarcmd$libbuilder->{exeext}");

The link_executable needs, as extra_linker_flags options, the name of the library and the search path. Future versions might include better handling on the library files.

Also, note that you can use the exeext key to retrieve from the object the common executable extension on the running system (including the dot).


Alberto Simoes, <ambs at cpan.org>


Please report any bugs or feature requests to bug-extutils-libbuilder at rt.cpan.org, or through the web interface at http://rt.cpan.org/NoAuth/ReportBug.html?Queue=ExtUtils-LibBuilder. I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc ExtUtils::LibBuilder

You can also look for information at:


Copyright 2010 Alberto Simoes.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See http://dev.perl.org/licenses/ for more information.