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 Fault::Delegate::Stdout - Print logger delegate.


 use Fault::Delegate::Stdout;
 $self = Fault::Delegate::Stdout->new;
 $okay = $self->log ($msg);
 $bool = $self->test;




This is a Logger delegate that writes all the log messages to stdout. It is Logger's default delegate if no other is given. It is also a pretty good one to start with when you are trying to understand how this system works.

It satisfies the absolute minimum requirements of the Fault::Delegate logger delegate protocol.


 use Fault::Delegate::Stdout;
 use Fault::Logger;
 use Fault::Msg;

 my $msg       = Fault::Msg                   ("Arf!");
 my $baz       = Fault::Delegate::Stdout->new ("/tmp/mylogfile");
 my $waslogged = $baz->log                    ($msg);

                 Fault::Logger->new           ($baz);
 my $waslogged = Fault::Logger->log           ("Bow! Wow!");

Instance Variables


Class Methods

$delegate = Fault::Delegate::Stdout->new

Create a logger delegate object that prints log messages to stdout. Prints a warning message and returns undef on failure.

Logger Protocol Instance Methods

$okay = $self->log ($msg)

Print a time-stamped message to stdout using information taken from Fault::Msg object $msg in the format:

      $date $time UTC> $process: $type($priority): $msg\n

for example:

      20021207 223010 UTC> MyProcess: NOTE(notice): Nothing happened today.\n

Return true if the message was printed.

Private Class Methods


Private Instance Methods

$bool = $self->test

If the debug level has been set to at least one in Fault::DebugPrinter, it executes the test method of the parent, Fault::Delegate class. Otherwise it always returns true. This was added so that an annoying initial message from the Fault system will not be printed on a terminal unless it is actually wanted for debugging purposees.

$bool = $self->test

Executes a _connect, a log write and a _disconnect. It returns true if this succeeds. This is useful in personalized subclass new methods.

$bool = $self->_write ($msg)

Impliments the above override to the internal family protocol utilized by the Fault:Delegate log and test methods.

Errors and Warnings

Local warning messages are issued if the sys logger cannot be reached or has any problems whatever.


 See TODO.


Fault::Logger, Fault::Delegate, Fault::Msg


Dale Amon <amon@vnl.com>

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