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dircmp - directory comparison


use File::Dircmp;

@r = dircmp($dir1, $dir2, $diff, $suppress);


The dircmp command examines dir1 and dir2 and generates various tabulated information about the contents of the directories. Listings of files that are unique to each directory are generated for all the options. If no option is entered, a list is output indicating whether the file names common to both directories have the same contents.

The algorithm I use orders the report differently than the unix commands. There is no option to control the length of the output.


$dir1 A path name of a directory to be compared.

$dir2 A path name of a directory to be compared.

$diff Compare the contents of files with the same name in both directories and output a list telling what must be changed in the two files to bring them into agreement. The list format is described in diff(1).

$suppress Suppress messages about identical files.


Implement the $diff argument.


Josh Schulte <>