File::Dropbox - Convenient and fast Dropbox API abstraction


    use File::Dropbox;
    use Fcntl;

    # Application credentials
    my %app = (
        oauth2        => 1,
        access_token  => $access_token,

    my $dropbox = File::Dropbox->new(%app);

    # Open file for writing
    open $dropbox, '>', 'example' or die $!;

    while (<>) {
        # Upload data using 4MB chunks
        print $dropbox $_;

    # Commit upload (optional, close will be called on reopen)
    close $dropbox or die $!;

    # Open for reading
    open $dropbox, '<', 'example' or die $!;

    # Download and print to STDOUT
    # Buffered, default buffer size is 4MB
    print while <$dropbox>;

    # Reset file position
    seek $dropbox, 0, Fcntl::SEEK_SET;

    # Get first character (unbuffered)
    say getc $dropbox;

    close $dropbox;


File::Dropbox provides high-level Dropbox API abstraction based on Tie::Handle. Code required to get access_token and access_secret for signed OAuth 1.0 requests or access_token for OAuth 2.0 requests is not included in this module. To get app_key and app_secret you need to register your application with Dropbox.

At this moment Dropbox API is not fully supported, File::Dropbox covers file read/write and directory listing methods. If you need full API support take look at WebService::Dropbox. File::Dropbox main purpose is not 100% API coverage, but simple and high-performance file operations.

Due to API limitations and design you can not do read and write operations on one file at the same time. Therefore handle can be in read-only or write-only state, depending on last call to open. Supported functions for read-only state are: open, close, seek, tell, readline, read, sysread, getc, eof. For write-only state: open, close, syswrite, print, printf, say.

All API requests are done using Furl module. For more accurate timeouts Net::DNS::Lite is used, as described in Furl::HTTP. Furl settings can be overriden using furlopts.



    my $dropbox = File::Dropbox->new(
        access_secret => $access_secret,
        access_token  => $access_token,
        app_secret    => $app_secret,
        app_key       => $app_key,
        chunk         => 8 * 1024 * 1024,
        root          => 'dropbox',
        furlopts      => {
            timeout => 20

    my $dropbox = File::Dropbox->new(
        access_token => $access_token,
        oauth2       => 1

Constructor, takes key-value pairs list


OAuth 1.0 access secret


OAuth 1.0 access token or OAuth 2.0 access token


OAuth 1.0 app secret


OAuth 1.0 app key


OAuth 2.0 switch, defaults to false.


Upload chunk size in bytes. Also buffer size for readline. Optional. Defaults to 4MB.


Access type, sandbox for app-folder only access and dropbox for full access.


Parameter hash, passed to Furl constructor directly. Default options

    timeout   => 10,
    inet_aton => \&Net::DNS::Lite::inet_aton,
    ssl_opts  => {
        SSL_verify_mode => SSL_VERIFY_PEER(),


All functions are not exported by default but can be exported on demand.

    use File::Dropbox qw{ contents metadata putfile };

First argument for all functions should be GLOB reference, returned by "new".


Arguments: $dropbox [, $path]

Function returns list of hashrefs representing directory content. Hash fields described in Dropbox API docs. $path defaults to /. If there is unfinished chunked upload on handle, it will be commited.

    foreach my $file (contents($dropbox, '/data')) {
        next if $file->{'is_dir'};
        say $file->{'path'}, ' - ', $file->{'bytes'};


Arguments: $dropbox

Function returns stored metadata for read-only handle, closed write handle or after call to "contents" or "putfile".

    open $dropbox, '<', '/data/2013.dat' or die $!;

    my $meta = metadata($dropbox);

    if ($meta->{'bytes'} > 1024) {
        # Do something


Arguments: $dropbox, $path, $data

Function is useful for uploading small files (up to 150MB possible) in one request (at least two API requests required for chunked upload, used in open-write-close sequence). If there is unfinished chunked upload on handle, it will be commited.

    local $/;
    open my $data, '<', '2012.dat' or die $!;

    putfile($dropbox, '/data/2012.dat', <$data>) or die $!;

    say 'Uploaded ', metadata($dropbox)->{'bytes'}, ' bytes';

    close $data;


Arguments: $dropbox, $source, $target

Function copies file or directory from one location to another. Metadata for copy can be accessed using "metadata" function.

    copyfile($dropbox, '/data/2012.dat', '/data/2012.dat.bak') or die $!;

    say 'Created backup with revision ', metadata($dropbox)->{'revision'};


Arguments: $dropbox, $source, $target

Function moves file or directory from one location to another. Metadata for moved file can be accessed using "metadata" function.

    movefile($dropbox, '/data/2012.dat', '/data/2012.dat.bak') or die $!;

    say 'Created backup with size ', metadata($dropbox)->{'size'};


Arguments: $dropbox, $path

Function deletes file or folder at specified path. Metadata for deleted item is accessible via "metadata" function.

    deletefile($dropbox, '/data/2012.dat.bak') or die $!;

    say 'Deleted backup with last modification ', metadata($dropbox)->{'modification'};


Arguments: $dropbox, $path

Function creates folder at specified path. Metadata for created folder is accessible via "metadata" function.

    createfolder($dropbox, '/data/backups') or die $!;

    say 'Created folder at path ', metadata($dropbox)->{'path'};


Furl, Furl::HTTP, WebService::Dropbox, Dropbox API


Alexander Nazarov <>


Copyright 2013-2016 Alexander Nazarov

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.