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Find::File::Iterator - Iterator interface for search files


  use File::Find::Iterator;
  my $find = File::Find::Iterator->create(dir => ["/home", "/var"],
                                          filter => \&isdir);
  sub isdir { -d }

  while (my $f = $find->next) { print "file : $f\n" }
  #reread with different filter 
  while (my $f = $find->next) { print "file : $f\n" }

  sub ishtml { /\.html?$/ }

  # using file for storing state
  # this time it could crash
  while (my $f = $find->next) 
  { print "file : $f\n" }

  # using imap and igrep
  use File::Find::Iterator qw(imap igrep);
  my $find = File::Find::Iterator->new(dir => ["/home", "/var"]);
  $find = imap { -M } igrep { -d } $find;


Find::File::Iterator is an iterator object for searching through directory trees. You can easily run filter on each file name. You can easily save the search state when you want to stop the search and continue the same search later.

Find::File::Iterator inherited from Class::Iterator so you can use the imap and the igrep constructor.


This is the constructor. The %opt accept the following key :

dir => \@dir

which take a reference to a list of directory.

filter => \&code

which take a code reference

statefile => $file

which take a filename


calling this method make one iteration. It return file name or undef if there is no more work to do.


calling this method make an initialisation of the iterator. You can use it for do a search again, but with some little change (directory root, statefile option, different filter).

dir([ \@dir ])

this method get or set the directory list for the search.

filter([ \&code ])

this method get or set the filter method use by next method.

statefile([ $file ])

this method get or set the name of the file use for store state of the search (see "STORING STATE").


If the option statefile of the constructor or the statefile field of the object is set, the iterator use the Storable module to record is internal state after one iteration and to set is internal state before a new iteration. With this mechanism you can continue your search after an error occurred.




Marc Jason Dominius's YAPC::EU 2003 classes.


Robert Silve <>