File::Find::Rule::PPI - Add support for PPI queries to File::Find::Rule


  use File::Find::Rule      ();
  use File::Find::Rule::PPI ();

  # Find all perl modules that use here-docs
  my $Find = File::Find::Rule->file
  my @heredoc = $Find->in( $dir );


File::Find::Rule::PPI allows you to integrate PPI content queries into your File::Find::Rule searches.

Initially, it provides the one additional method ppi_find_any, which takes an argument identical to the PPI::Node method find_any and checks each file as a perl document to see if matches the query.


ppi_find_any $condition | $PPI::Find

The ppi_find_any method causes a query identical to (and implemented using) PPI::Node's find_any method.

It takes as argument any condition that would also be valid for the above method.

In addition, it can also take as argument an instantiated PPI::Find object, and will use that object's any_matches method to achieve the same effect.

If you provide no or an illegal condition to ppi_find_any, the check will always fail, and no files will be returned when you execute the search.


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Adam Kennedy <>


Funding provided by The Perl Foundation

SEE ALSO, File::Find::Rule, PPI


Copyright 2005 - 2010 Adam Kennedy.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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