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File::LocalizeNewlines - Localize the newlines for one or more files


For people that routinely work with a mixture of different platforms that have conflicting newline formats (mainly *NIX and Win32) there are a number of different situations that can result in files having their newlines get corrupted.

File::LocalizeNewlines provides a mechanism for one off or bulk detection and conversion of these files to the newline style for the local platform.

The module implements the conversion using a standard "universal line seperator" regex, which ensures that files with any of the different newlines, plus a couple of common "broken" newlines, including multiple different types mixed in the same file, are all converted to the local platform's newline style.


new param => value, ...

The new constructor creates a new conversion object.

By default, the conversion object will process all files and convert them to the local platform's newline format.

Takes some optional parameters

filter => File::Find::Rule

The filter param allows you to provide an instantiate File::Find::Rule object, that will used to determine the list of files to check or process.

newline => $newline

The newline option allows you to provide an alternative newline format to the local one. The newline format should be provided as a literal string.

For example, to force Win32 newlines, you would use

  my $Object = File::LocalizeNewlines->new( newline => "\015\012" );
verbose => 1

The verbose option will cause the File::LocalizeNewlines object to print status information to STDOUT as it runs.

Returns a new File::LocalizeNewlines object.


The Find accessor returns the File::Find::Rule object that will be used for the file search.


The newline accessor returns the newline format that will be used in the localisation process.

localized $file

The localized method takes an argument of a single file name or file handle and tests it to see it is localized correctly.

Returns true if localized correctly, false if not, or undef on error.

find $dir

The find method takes the path for a dir (or file) and returns a list of relative files names for all of the files that do not have their newlines correctly localized.

Returns a list of file names, or the null list if there are no files, or if an incorrect path was provided.

localize $file | $dir

The localize method takes a file, file handle or directory as argument and localizes the newlines of the file, or all files within the directory (that match the filter if one was provided).

Returns the number of files that were localized, zero if no files needed to be localized, or undef on error.


Bugs should always be submitted via the CPAN bug tracker

For other issues, contact the maintainer.


Adam Kennedy <>


Thank you to Phase N ( for permitting the open sourcing and release of this distribution.

FileHandle support added by David Dick <>


Copyright 2005 - 2009 Adam Kennedy.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.