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File::PathConvert - DEPRECATED: USE File::Spec and Cwd::abs_path().


    *** THIS MODULE (File::PathConvert) IS DEPRECATED. ****

    There are several known bugs, and it is not being actively
    maintained since all functionality is now available in
    modules ( and File::Spec) bundled in every Perl
    distribution of recent vintage.  This version is provided to
    fix a few bugs and to get the word out about the

    Please use Cwd::abs_path() instead of
    File::PathConvert::realpath() and File::Spec methods instead
    of all other path manipulation functions in this module.

    If you use setfstype, you probably want to access a File::Spec::Foo
    module for the appropriate operating system.

    There is also a version of File::Spec on CPAN for backwards

    Thank you,

    Barrie Slaymaker <>


realpath is not fully multiplatform.

abs2rel is broken in MacOS mode.


  • In URLs, paths not ending in '/' are split such that the last name in the path is a filename. This is not intuitive: many people use such URLs for directories, and most servers send a redirect. This may cause programers using this package to code in bugs, it may be more pragmatic to always assume all names are directory names. (Note that the query portion is always part of the filename).

  • If the relative and base paths are on different volumes, no error is returned. A silent, hopefully reasonable assumption is made.

  • No detection of unix style paths is done when other filesystems are selected, like File::Basename does.


Barrie Slaymaker <> Shigio Yamaguchi <>