File::Random::Pick - Pick random lines from a file, without duplicates


This document describes version 0.03 of File::Random::Pick (from Perl distribution File-Random-Pick), released on 2019-09-15.


 use File::Random::Pick qw(random_line);
 my $line  = random_line("/usr/share/dict/words");
 my @lines = random_line("/usr/share/dict/words", 3);

 # also accepts a filehandle
 my $line = random_line($fh);


This module can return random lines from a specified file, without duplicates.

Compared to random_line() from File::Random, this module does not return duplicates. I have also submitted a ticket to incorporate this functionality into File::Random [1]. File::Random::Pick also accepts a filehandle, for convenience.


random_line($path_or_handle [ , $num_lines ]) => list

Return random lines from a specified file (or filehandle). Will not return duplicates (meaning, will not return the same line of the file twice, but might still return duplicates if two or more lines contain the same content). Will die on failure to open file. $num_lines defaults to 1. If there are less than $num_lines available in the file, will return just the available number of lines.

The algorithm used is from perlfaq (perldoc -q "random line"), which scans the file once. The algorithm is for returning a single line and is modified to support returning multiple lines.


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File::Random also provides random_line() which also uses a slightly modified version of the algorithm described in perlfaq (perldoc -q "random line") that avoids slurping the whole file into memory in exchange for scanning the whole file once. However, it might return duplicates.


If you don't mind slurping the whole into memory, you can use List::MoreUtils's samples to return N random items from a list. Or, if you also don't mind duplicates, you can just pick random elements from an array of lines.



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