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File::Searcher::Interactive -- Searches for files and performs search/replacements on matching files, uses terminal to make the searches interactive.


        use File::Searcher::Interactive;
        my $search = File::Searcher->new('*.cgi');
        $search->add_expression(name=>'street', search=>'1234 Easy St.', replace=>'456 Hard Way', options=>'i');
        $search->add_expression(name=>'department', search=>'(Dept\.|Department)(\s+)(\d+)', replace=>'$1$2$3', options=>'im');
        $search->add_expression(name=>'place', search=>'Portland, OR(.*?)97212', replace=>'Vicksburg, MI${1}49097', options=>'is');
        # $search->start; SEE File::Searcher
        @files_matched = $search->files_matched;
        print "Files Matched\n";
        print "\t" . join("\n\t", @files_matched) . "\n";
        print "Total Files:\t" . $search->file_cnt . "\n";
        print "Directories:\t" . $search->dir_cnt . "\n";
        my @files_replaced = $search->expression('street')->files_replaced;my @files_replaced = $search->expression($expression)->files_replaced;
        my %matches = $search->expression('street')->matches;
        my %replacements = $search->expression('street')->replacements;


File::Searcher::Interactive is a sub-class of File::Searcher which allows for the traversing of a directory tree for files matching a Perl regular expression. When a match is found, the statistics are stored and if the file is a text file a series of searches and replacements can be performed. File::Searcher::Interactive uses the terminal to prompt the user for interactive replacements.



some pre text is here...

the current match is bold

and some post text is here...


current replace(.*?)expression

[Y]Replace [A]All In File [Z]All Files [P]Preview [M]More [default Next]

[Y]Replace - Replaces current match, with current replace expression

[A]All In File - Replaces all matches for this expression in this file

[Z]All Files - Replaces all matches for this expression in all files

[P]Preview - Preview the change, before deciding to proceed

[M]More - Show more pre-text and post-text


  • Be sure to test on your terminal before "guaranteed" reliability

  • Super complex regular expressions probably won't work the way you think they will.


Let me know...


  • More advanced functionality

  • More reporting (line numbers, etc.)

  • Find Term::Prompt fix


File::Searcher, Term::ANSIColor, Term::Prompt


Copyright 2000, Adam Stubbs

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. Please email me if you find this module useful.


Adam Stubbs, (


Version 0.9, Last Updated November 14, 2000