Finance::Bank::RBoS - Check your RBoS bank accounts from Perl


This module provides a rudimentary interface to the RBoS online banking system at You will need either Crypt::SSLeay or IO::Socket::SSL installed for HTTPS support to work with LWP.

The interface is identical to that of Finance::Bank::Natwest, so please look there for how to use the module.


This warning is from Simon Cozens' Finance::Bank::LloydsTSB, and seems just as apt here.

This is code for online banking, and that means your money, and that means BE CAREFUL. You are encouraged, nay, expected, to audit the source of this module yourself to reassure yourself that I am not doing anything untoward with your banking data. This software is useful to me, but is provided under NO GUARANTEE, explicit or implied.


I don't have an RBoS account myself, but the backend is the same as the Natwest one, so it should work ok, but I can't guarantee this.


There are sure to be some bugs lurking in here somewhere. If you find one, please report it via RT


Jonathan McDowell for both the original pointer that the RBoS online banking system uses the same backend, and a patch that became the basis of this code.


Jody Belka


Copyright 2003 by Jody Belka

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.