Finance::Quote::MLC - MLC fund prices


 use Finance::Quote;
 my $fq = Finance::Quote->new ('MLC');
 my $fund = 'MLC MasterKey Horizon 1 - Bond Portfolio';
 my $product = 'MasterKey Allocated Pension (Five Star)';
 my %quotes = $fq->fetch('mlc', "$fund,$product");


This module downloads MLC fund quotes from


As of Sept 2011 the web site terms of use,

are for general information only, and only provided for residents of Australia. It's your responsibility to ensure your use of this module complies with current and future terms.


The symbols used are the fund name and product name with a comma, for example

    MLC Horizon 1 - Bond Portfolio,MasterKey Allocated Pension (Five Star)

This is a lot to type, but you can usually cut and paste it from the web pages. The page source in the link above has them in this form.

The fund part is the actual investment, but there isn't a single price quote for it, rather the price varies with the product due to different fees subtracted.


The following standard Finance::Quote fields are available

    date isodate name currency
    last close
    method source success errormsg

Plus the following extras


As of June 2009, prices are published some time in the afternoon of the following business day (Friday's prices some time Monday afternoon). So the date field is always yesterday or the day before yesterday. The currency is always "AUD" Australian dollars.


Finance::Quote, LWP

MLC web site



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