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Finance::YahooProfile - Get a stock profiles from Yahoo!


  use Finance::YahooProfile;
  my $fyp = new Finance::YahooProfile ( timeout => $timeout );
  my $profile  = $fyp->profile( s => 'intc' );               ## for single stock
  my @profiles = $fyp->profile( s => ['intc', 'ibm'] );      ## for many stocks
  my $bookvalue = $res->{'book_value'};


WARNING: This module has not been fully tested all sorts of stocks so it may NOT always parse the page correctly and return any useful information. Any version number ending in a letter (as in v.0.12b, 0.12c) is a beta versions and have barely been tested. These versions are simply the previous version with a slight bug fix of some sort.

This module accesses the company profile from Yahoo! Finance and extracts the numbers from there so that they can be easily used in Perl programs. The following keys are available in the results hash:

  52_week_change            52-Week percent change
  52_week_change_sp500      52-Week percent change relative to the S&P 500
  52_week_high              52-Week high
  52_week_high_date         Date on which 52-Week high was reached
  52_week_low               52-Week low
  52_week_low_date          Date on which 52-Week high was reached
  beta                      Beta relative to S&P 500
  current_ratio             Current ratio (Current Assets / Current Liabilities)
  daily_volume_10da         Average of the last 10 days' trading volume
  daily_volume_3ma          Average of the last 3 months trading volume
  debt_equity               Debt / Equity
  dividend                  Amount of the last dividend paid
  dividend_yield            Yield of the last dividend
  fiscal_year_ends          End of fiscal year
  last_split_date           Date of the last split
  last_split_factor         Factor of the last split (e.g. 2 for 1)
  last_updated              Date when profile was last updated
  market                    Market on which the stock is traded
  market_capitalization     Market capitalization (Stock Price x Shares Outstanding)
  most_recent_quarter_fe    Most recent quarter - flash earnings (if available)
  operating_margin          Operating Margin (Earnings / Operating Expenses)
  profit_margin             Profit Margin (Earnings / Total Expenses)
  recent_price              Price at which the stock was last traded
  return_on_assets          Return on assets (Earnings / Total Assets)
  return_on_equity          Return on equity (Earnings / Shareholder's Equity)
  sales                     Sales from the income statement part (usually ttm)
  shares_float              Number of shares freely trading in the markets
  shares_outstanding        Total number of shares issued
  short_interest            Number of shares sold short
  short_percent             Short Interest / Floating Shares
  short_previous_month      Short Interest previous month
  success                   Whether the parsing was a success
  total_cash                Total current assets in the balance sheet

Methods =over 2


Creates a new Finance::YahooProfile object. Currently there are two options you can pass to it:

  $fyp = new Finance::YahooProfile( expand => 0|1,
                                    dollar_symbol => 0|1

  expand_number => If this option is set, number such as 3.14M will be
                converted to 3140000 before being passed back.
  expand_percent=> Something like 5.56% will be converted to 0.056
  expand => sets both expand_number and expand_percent

  dollar_symbol => If you set expand to true, then this flag will
            determine whether the dollar symbol is kept in numbers
            such as $3.14M => $3140000.




0.1 - - Initial Release. 0.11 - - Slight Changes 0.11b - 02/08/02 - Stopped parsing if the ticker symbol did not return valid a profile page. Added the 'success' and 'requested_symbol' keys to $res. Changed regex match for short_daily_volume from (.+) to ([\d\.KMB]) since the old regex did not work for ADRs like BF. 0.12 - 05/01/02 - Added conversion of percents to decimals in _expand() (5.82% => 0.0582) The options are now 'expand_number' for numerical expansion (K,M,B) and 'expand_percent' for decimal conversion or simply 'expand' for both.


Copyright 2002, Sidharth Malhotra

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

The information that you obtain with this library may be copyrighted by Yahoo! Inc., and is governed by their usage license. See for more information.


Sidharth Malhotra (, Redeye Technology Group. Thanks to Ivo Welch for finding bugs and suggesting several improvements.


The Finance::YahooProfile home page will eventually be up at:

The Finance::YahooQuote home page can be found at I used a lot from Finance::YahooQuote to build this module. LWP code, pod etc.

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