David Freedman


Frontier::Client::Easy - Perl extension for easy use of Frontier::Client


        use Frontier::Client::Easy;

        my $object = Frontier::Client::Easy->new(url=>'http://my.frontier.server/cgi-bin/app.cgi');

        print "Calling server method foo(), result is  . " $object->foo()  . "\n";
        print "Calling server method bar(1), result is . " $object->bar(1) . "\n";

        my %hash = (
                        fruit   =>      'apple',
                        colour  =>      'purple',
                        flavour =>      'chocolate',

        print "Calling server method baz() on my hash, result is, " . $object->baz(\%hash) . "\n";


Frontier::Client::Easy provides an easy interface to Frontier::Client, allowing you to call methods directly from the object as opposed to using the "call()" method of Frontier::Client.

This makes for easy migration from local to remote architectures.


        my $object = Frontier::Client::Easy->new(url=>$url);

Creates a new Frontier::Client::Easy object, takes a single parameter "url", the URL of the Frontier server. Will not create the object unless this is provided. Does not communicate with the server when the object is created so no error checking is possible until the first call is made.

All other methods are passed transparently to the server and return the server's response.


    Since this module is based on Frontier::Client, methods of Frontier::Client will not be overloaded.

    This module will not allow you to directly call methods of Frontier::Client in your code, if you wish to use such methods you must use $object->{'server'}->$method instead.

    As a result of this, this module will not allow you to directly create XML-RPC-specific datatypes of Frontier::Client, again, you must use $object->{'server'}->$datatype to do this.


David J. Freedman <lochii AT convergence DOT cx>


Copyright (c) 2008 Convergence Inc. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms as perl itself.


Frontier::Client(3) perl(1)