Fry::Lib::CPANPLUS - Fry::Shell reimplentation of CPANPLUS::Shell::Default.


This module implements most of the functionality of CPANPLUS::Shell::Default using CPANPLUS::Backend v 0.048 with most of the code coming from &_input_loop. The aliases assigned to the commands are the same letters as the original shell but with a prefixed 'c'. For example, to get a CPANPLUS style help of this library's commands type 'ch'.

There are a few differences (mostly positive) between this library and the original shell:

        The 's' command which changed configurations is split up into two commands
                with aliases 'cs' and 'Cs'.
        There is no autopaging for output's longer than the terminal's screen.
                You must explicitly invoke the pager option ie:
                `-l cm Module::`
        There is autocompletion for the a, m and f commands. 
        There are three new commands: &listInstalled which uses the &installed
                method to see if given modules are installed,
                &listInstalledRegex which returns all installed modules that match
                a given regular expression, and &listAuthorsRegex which returns all
                authors matching a regular expression.
        Use the menu option to pass arguments as numbers.

Using the Menu option

        You invoke the menu option when you want the output of one command to be
                selectively passed to another command ie:
                        `-m cm Acme::` followed by `ci 1,4,6`

        In this example we search for modules starting with 'Acme::'. From that
                large list, we choose a few to install. Notice that both commands
                output and input the same argument type, modules. It wouldn't make
                sense to have the first command return authors and then pass it to ci.

        The following commands can be used as the first command for the
                        menu option: searchModulesbyAuthor, searchModulesbyModule,
                        listInstalled,listAuthorsRegex and listInstalledRegex.
        Any commands that take an author or module argument can be used as the second

        Look at Fry::Shell for a more thorough example.


So why bother rewriting CPANPLUS::Shell::Default? Well the easy answer is just look at the FEATURES section of Fry::Shell. But here are a few anyway:

        Change command aliases to one's you remember better.
                Do this by changing the 'a' attribute of a command.
        Combine CPANPLUS with other often used libraries or other CPANPLUS::*
                libraries into one shell.
        The flexibility to define options for any options to CPANPLUS::Backend methods.
        Easier autocompletion definition for commands. 
        By breaking up the commands into separate subroutines, these commands can
                be combined to make other useful commands.
                For example, you could get apt-get upgrade behavior by combining
                &listModulesToUpdate with &installModules.


The only functionality in the original shell that hasn't been implemented here are commandline options. Once options can be defined for a command then this will be implemented, allowing one to flip any options of a command's method.


CPANPLUS::Shell::Default of course. Fry::Shell. CPANPLUS::Backend to add to this module.


Me. Gabriel that is. I welcome feedback and bug reports to cldwalker AT chwhat DOT com . If you like using perl,linux,vim and databases to make your life easier (not lazier ;) check out my website at


Although I've written up decent tests there are some combinations of configurations I have not tried. If you see any bugs tell me so I can make this module rock solid.


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.