Konstantin Stepanov


FusqlFS::Backend::SQLite::Tables - FusqlFS SQLite database tables interface


    use FusqlFS::Backend::SQLite::Tables;

    my $tables = FusqlFS::Backend::SQLite::Tables->new();
    my $list = $tables->list();


This is FusqlFS an interface to SQLite database tables. This class is not to be used by itself.

This class provides a view of a set of different table's artifacts like indices, struct (fields description), data rows/records, constraints, triggers etc.

See FusqlFS::Artifact for description of interface methods, FusqlFS::Backend to learn more on backend initialization and FusqlFS::Backend::Base for more info on database backends writing.



Table's indices, see FusqlFS::Backend::SQLite::Table::Indices for details.


Table's structure, see FusqlFS::Backend::SQLite::Table::Struct for details.


Table's foreign keys, see FusqlFS::Backend::SQLite::Table::Constraints for details.


Table's triggers, see FusqlFS::Backend::SQLite::Table::Triggers for details.


Table's data, see FusqlFS::Backend::SQLite::Table::Data for details.