Fwctl::Services::dhcp - Fwctl module to handle the dhcp protocol.


    accept  dhcp -src INTERNAL_NET -dst DHCP_SERVER
    deny    dhcp -src INTERNAL_NET -nolog
    account dhcp -src INTERNAL_NET


This module is used to handle the DHCP protocol. It adds rules to handle the special addresses used by the DHCP protocol. Since DHCP is a broadcast based protocol restricted to local segment, so which by definition doesn't cross a firewall, who would want to use such a module ?

Two use, first to prevent clutter of log files which denied dhcp broadcast packets when you are using DHCP on the internal network. Second, when your firewall is acting as a DHCP server to the internal network. ??? Who would want to do that ??? Someone trying to replace all WinGate installations with linux based solutions ;-).


Francis J. Lacoste <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM>


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fwctl(8) Fwctl(3) Fwctl::RuleSet(3)