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GIFgraph - Graph Plotting Module (deprecated)


use GIFgraph::moduleName;


GIFgraph is a perl5 module to create and display GIF output for a graph.

GIFgraph is nothing more than a wrapper around GD::Graph, and its use is deprecated. It only exists for backward compatibility. The documentation for all the functionality can be found in GD::Graph.

This module should work with all versions of GD, but it has only been tested with version 1.19 and above. Version 1.19 is the last version that produces GIF output directly. Any version later than that requires a conversion step. The default distribution of GIFgraph uses Image::Magick for this. If you'd like to use something else, please replace the sub png2gif in GIFgraph::Convert with something more to your liking.


Note that if you use GIFgraph with a GD version 1.20 or up that any included logos will have to be in the PNG format. The only time that GIF comes into play is _after_ GD has done its work, and the PNG gets converted to GIF. There are no plans to change that behaviour; it's too much work, and for you, the user, it is a one time conversion of these pictures, when you move from GD < 1.20 to GD >= 1.20.


GD::Graph(3), Chart::PNGgraph(3).


Martien Verbruggen <>

Copyright (C) 1995-2000 Martien Verbruggen. All rights reserved. This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.