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Games::Go::GTP - Interact with a server or Go playing program using GTP


  use Games::Go::GTP;
  use Games::Go::Player;
  my $referee = new Games::Go::Referee;
  my $player  = new Games::Go::Player;
  my ($res, $status) = Games::Go::GTP::gtpcommand(@args, $referee, $player);


I would like to make this module more abstract, but I'm not sure how. For example, it assumes that Player, which is the code that generates a move (supply your own!), supports the following methods:

  $player->size($somesize); # eg, $player->size(19), issued following the GTP command boardsize
  $player->initboard($referee); # following the GTP command clear_board
  $player->update($colour, $referee); # following GTP play
  $player->chooselegalmove($colour, $referee); # following GTP genmove
  $player->{_KGScleanup} = 1; # following the KGS specific kgs_genmove_cleanup

General use

  An example of a script to run a bot on KGS is given in the example folder.


engineName, engineVersion, protocolVersion

  use Games::Go::GTP;
  Games::Go::GTP::engineName('MYNAME');  # set MYNAME to anything you like
  Games::Go::GTP::engineVersion('0.01'); # set '0.01' to anything you like
  Games::Go::GTP::protocolVersion('2');  # leave this one alone ?

AUTHOR (version 0.01)