Games::RolePlay::MapGen::Editor - An experimental (eventually possibly cool) Map Editor


    use Games::RolePlay::MapGen::Editor;

    my $editor = new Games::RolePlay::MapGen::Editor;

Here are some screenshots of the Editor:


The documentation is pretty light on this, sorry. I think most things in the editor are pretty self explanatory if you mess around with it. There are a few things I should explain though.

The editor supports three types of tiles: walls, corridors and rooms. Each tile has four "closures" (north, east, south, and west).

There are three types of closures: walls, openings, and doors. The doors have various settings as well.

The only other thing that you need to know is that room tiles are special and are linked to their group-mates. They cannot be modified unless they're converted to corridor tiles -- although their closures can be modified.


Copyright (c) 2008 Paul Miller -- LGPL [Software::License::LGPL_2_1]


perl(1), Games::RolePlay::MapGen(1), Gtk2(1)