Games::WoW::Armory - Access to the WoW Armory


    use Games::WoW::Armory;

    my $armory = Games::WoW::Armory->new();
    $armory->search_character( { realm     => 'Elune',
                                 character => 'Aarnn',
                                 country   => 'EU } );
    print $armory->character->name;
    print $armory->character->race;
    print $armory->character->level;



Fetch the data, and store the result in $self->{data}


Search a character. Required params:

        realm | character | country
        realm : name of the realm
        character : name of a character
        country : name of the country (EU|US)

List of accessor for character:

  • name: character name

  • guildName: guild name

  • arenaTeams: list of teams the character is in. Each team in the array is a Games::WoW::Armory::Team object

        foreach my $team (@{$armory->character->arenaTeams}){
            print $team->name;
            foreach my $char (@{$team}){
                print $char->name . " " . $char->race;
  • battleGroup: the battlegroup name

  • realm: realm name

  • race: race name

  • gender: gender of the character

  • faction: faction the character belongs to

  • level: level of the character

  • lastModified:

  • title: highest rank in the old PVP mode

  • class: class name

  • rank: rank

  • teamRank: rank in the team

  • seasonGamesPlayed: number of games played in the current season

  • seasonGamesWon: number of games win in the current season

  • heroic_access: list of heroic access for the character

        foreach my $key ( @{ $armory->character->heroic_access } ) {
            print "Have access to the $key.\n";
  • characterinfo: a hash with lot of informations about the character

  • skill: a hash with all the skill reputation

  • reputation: a hash with all the character reputation


Get arena teams for a player


Get reputation for a player


Search for a guild. required params :

        realm | guild | country
        realm : name of the realm
        guild : name of the guild
        country : name of the country (EU|US)

List of accessor for guild:

  • realm: name of the realm

  • name: name of the guild

  • battleGroup: name of the battleGroup

  • members: array with all the member. Each member is a Games::WoW::Armory::Character object.

    foreach my $member (@{$armory->guild->members}){
        print $member->name;


Search for a team. required params :

        team | ts | battlegroup | country
        battlegroup : name of the battlegroup
        ts : type (2vs2 | 3vs3 | 5vs5) juste the number (eg: ts => 5)
        team : name of the team
        country : name of the country (EU|US)

List of accessor for team:

  • seasonGamesPlayed: number of games played this season

  • rating:

  • size: number of members in the team

  • battleGroup: name of the battlegroup

  • realm: name of the realm

  • lastSeasonRanking: ranking in the last season

  • factionId: faction ID, 0 for alliance, 1 for Horde

  • ranking:

  • name: name of the team

  • relevance:

  • seasonGamesWon: number of games won

  • members: team members in an array, all the members are a Games::WoW::Armory::Character object

    foreach my $member (@{$armory->team->members}){
        print $member->name;


Store in $self->character->heroic_access the list of keys the user can buy for the instances in heroic mode.


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