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Geo::Coder::Mapquest - Geocode addresses with Mapquest


    use Geo::Coder::Mapquest;

    my $geocoder = Geo::Coder::Mapquest->new(apikey => 'Your API key');
    my $location = $geocoder->geocode(
        location => 'Hollywood and Highland, Los Angeles, CA'


The Geo::Coder::Mapquest module provides an interface to the Mapquest Geocoding Web Service.



    $geocoder = Geo::Coder::Mapquest->new(apikey => 'Your API key')
    $geocoder = Geo::Coder::Mapquest->new(
        apikey => 'Your API key'
        https  => 1,
        debug  => 1,

Creates a new geocoding object.

A valid developer 'apikey' is required. See "NOTES" on how to obtain one and set it up.

Accepts an optional open parameter for using the open data platform.

Accepts an optional https parameter for securing network traffic.

Accepts an optional ua parameter for passing in a custom LWP::UserAgent object.


    $location = $geocoder->geocode(location => $location)
    @locations = $geocoder->geocode(location => $location)

In scalar context, this method returns the first location result; and in list context it returns all location results.

Each location result is a hashref; a typical example looks like:

        adminArea1         => "US",
        adminArea1Type     => "Country",
        adminArea3         => "CA",
        adminArea3Type     => "State",
        adminArea4         => "Los Angeles County",
        adminArea4Type     => "County",
        adminArea5         => "Los Angeles",
        adminArea5Type     => "City",
        displayLatLng      => { lat => "34.10155", lng => "-118.33869" },
        dragPoint          => 0,
        geocodeQuality     => "INTERSECTION",
        geocodeQualityCode => "I1CAA",
        latLng             => { lat => "34.10155", lng => "-118.33869" },
        linkId             => 0,
        mapUrl             => ",160&pois=purple-1,34.10155,-118.33869,0,0|&center=34.10155,-118.33869&zoom=12&key=Dmjtd|lu612ha7ng,ag=o5-5at2u&rand=1659284599",
        postalCode         => 90028,
        providedLocation   => "Hollywood and Highland, Los Angeles, CA",
        sideOfStreet       => "N",
        street             => "Hollywood Blvd & N Highland Ave",
        type               => "s",


    @results = $geocoder->batch(locations => [ $location, ... ])

Allows up to 100 locations to be geocoded in the same request. Returns a list of results, each of which is a reference to a list of locations. Will croak if more than 100 locations are given.


    $response = $geocoder->response()

Returns an HTTP::Response object for the last submitted request. Can be used to determine the details of an error.


    $ua = $geocoder->ua()
    $ua = $geocoder->ua($ua)

Accessor for the UserAgent object.


An API key can be obtained here:

After obtaining a key, you must enable the Blank Referers option for the account.

Note that Mapquest already url-encodes the key, so the geocoder constructor will prevent it from being doubly-encoded. Ensure you do not decode it yourself before passing it to the constructor.

International (non-US) queries do not appear to be fully supported by the service at this time.



Please report any bugs or feature requests to I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc Geo::Coder::Mapquest

You can also look for information at:


Copyright (C) 2009-2013 gray <gray at>, all rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


gray, <gray at>