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Geo::Demo::Zipskinny - Census 2000 geographic and demographic data by ZIP code, courtesy of


  use Geo::Demo::Zipskinny;
  my $zip = new Geo::Demo::Zipskinny();

  #get the stats page from over the network
  my $stats = $zip->get('90232');
  #alternatively, read a local copy
  #my $stats = $zip->parse($html);

  #population of the zip code
  my $pop   = $stats->{'general'}{'population'};

  #fractions 0-1 inclusive
  my $asian = $stats->{'race'}{'Asian'};
  my $k250  = $stats->{'income'}{'200000+'};

  my $asian_count = $pop * $asian;
  my $k250_count  = $pop * $k250;

  use Data::Dumper;
  print Data::Dumper::Dumper( $stats );


Use this for quick access to some ZIP code centric demographic data. claims to have built the site from the Census 2000 data freely available from

I chose to write this screen scraper after several unproductive hours spent poring over the (copious and dry) census docs and unsuccessfully trying to grok the SF3 files.


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Copyright (C) 2008 by Allen Day

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