Yasutaka ATARASHI (新 康孝)


Getopt::Config::FromPod - Extract getopt configuration from POD


version v0.0.4


  # Typical usage for Getopt::Std
  use Getopt::Std;
  use Getopt::Config::FromPod;
  =for getopt 'h'
  =for getopt 'v'

  # Typical usage for Getopt::Long
  use Getopt::Long;
  use Getopt::Config::FromPod;
  GetOptions(\%opts, Getopt::Config::FromPod->array);
  =for getopt 'port|p=i'
  =for getopt 'server|s=s'

  # Typical usage for Getopt::Long::Descriptive
  use Getopt::Long::Descriptive;
  use Getopt::Config::FromPod;
  describe_options('my-program %o <some-arg>', Getopt::Config::FromPod->array);
  =for getopt [ 'server|s=s', "the server to connect to"                  ]
  =for getopt [ 'port|p=i',   "the port to connect to", { default => 79 } ]

  # For most usage, you don't have to construct object or specify parameters but you can do so if necessary
  Getopt::Config::FromPod->new(-tag => 'getopts')->arrayref(-file => $filename);
  Getopt::Config::FromPod->arrayref(-package => $package);
  Getopt::Config::FromPod->string(-separator => ','); # for string() only


There are many and many Getopt::* modules on CPAN. Is this module yet another option parsing module?


This module is NOT to be another option parsing module but to be a companion of the modules.

The Getopt::* modules try to solve developers' preference of option parsing. So, it is likely to be impossible to provide all-in-one option parsing modules. One of the common problems in option parsing is consistency among:

  1. Availability in actual process

  2. Document shown by, typically, -h option

  3. Document shown by perldoc

Some modules such as Getopt::Long::Descriptive solves 1 and 2. Few modules such as Getopt::Auto solves 1, 2 and 3. So, if you want to keep all consistencies you need to stick some specific Getopt::* modules.

This module does not stick to specific Getopt::* module and provide a way to specify 1, 2 and 3 in POD.

To tell the truth, this module just collects option specifications distributed in POD. So, dupulication between POD documentation and specification are NOT eliminated. However, I believe it has some advantages to enable us to describe documentation and specification at the same place.

Configuration is described as POD section getopt like the follwings:

  =for getopt 'v:'

  =for getopt 'port|p=i'

  =for getopt [ 'port|p=i',   "the port to connect to", { default => 79 } ]

You can also use =begin/=end pair but it is rarely necessary and useful.

  =begin getopt
  [ 'port|p=i',
    "the port to connect to",
    { default => 79 }
  =end getopt

They are eval'ed so you can describe array references, hash references and so on as above.


All methods except for new() are callable as class methods, also. In this case, it works as if a shared object is specified as the first argument.


Constructor. An available parameter is '-tag'. You can change POD tag name from 'getopt'.

  Getopt::Config::FromPod->new(-tag => 'options')->string; # returns 'h'
  =for options 'h'


Returns a string concatenated parameters written in POD. Available parameters are as follows. Except for '-separator', all arguments are available for other accessors.

  • '-separator' => $separator

    parameters are concatenated with this separator. Defaults to '', that is empty string.

  • '-file' => $filename

    Read POD from the specified file. If specified, '-package' is ignored.

  • '-package' => $packagename

    Read POD from the file including the specified package. Defaults to 'main'.


Returns an array of parameters written in POD. See string for available parameters.


Returns an array reference of parameters written in POD. See string for available parameters.


Returns a hash reference of parameters written in POD. See string for available parameters.


Change behavior called as class method. All class methods afther this method work as if %args is prepended prior to the original arguments. This is useful for tests of the case that POD is written in .pl file and code is implemented in .pm file.

  # foo.pm
  use Getopt::Std;
  use Getopt::Config::FromPod;
  # foo.pl
  =for getopt 'h'
  =for getopt 'v'
  # foo.t
  use Getopt::Config::FromPod;
  Getopt::Config::FromPod->set_class_default(-file => 'foo.pl');



Yasutaka ATARASHI <yakex@cpan.org>


This software is copyright (c) 2018 by Yasutaka ATARASHI.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.