Getopt::Long::Less - Like Getopt::Long, but with less features


This document describes version 0.090 of Getopt::Long::Less (from Perl distribution Getopt-Long-Less), released on 2019-02-02.


This module is a reimplementation of Getopt::Long, with less features/configurability. Only the subset which I'm currently using (which I think already serves a lot of common use cases for a lot of people too) is implemented.

Only three functions are implemented: GetOptions, GetOptionsFromArray, and Configure.

No configuring from use statement. No OO interface.

Much much less modes/configuration. No support for POSIXLY_CORRECT. We always do bundling (this is not Getopt::Long's default), we never ignore case (this is not Getopt::Long's default), we always permute, we always autoabbreviate, we always do GNU compatibility (allow --opt=VAL in addition to --opt VAL including allowing --opt=), we never do getopt_compat. Basically currently there's no mode you can configure (although pass_through might be added in the future).

No autoversion, no autohelp. No support to configure prefix pattern.

No support for GetOptions' "hash storage mode" (where the first argument is a hashref) nor "classic mode" (where destination is not explicitly specified). Basically, the arguments need to be pairs of option specifications and destinations.

Currently no support for arrayref destination (e.g. "foo=s" => \@ary). No support for array desttype ('foo=s@' => ...).

Also, this module requires 5.010.

So what's good about this module? Slightly less compile time overhead, due to less code. This should not matter for most people. I just like squeezing out milliseconds from startup overhead of my CLI scripts. That's it :-)


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If you want more features intead of less, try Getopt::Long::More.

Benchmarks in Bencher::Scenario::GetoptModules


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