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Getopt::Usaginator - Conjure up a usage function for your applications


version 0.0012


    use Getopt::Usaginator <<_END_;

        Usage: xyzzy <options>
        --derp          Derp derp derp         
        --durp          Durp durp durp
        -h, --help      This usage

    # The 'usage' subroutine is now installed


    $options = parse_options( @ARGV ); # Not supplied by Usaginator

    usage if $options{help}; # Print usage and exit with status 0

    if ( ! $options{derp} ) {
        # Print warning and usage and exit with status -1
        usage "You should really derp";
    if ( $options{durp} ) {
        # Print warning and usage and exit with status 2
        usage 2 => "--durp is not ready yet";


    usage 3 # Print usage and exit with status 3


Getopt::Usaginator is a tool for creating a handy usage subroutine for commandline applications

It does not do any option parsing, but is best paired with Getopt::Long or any of the other myriad of option parsers


use Getopt::Usaginator <usage>

Install a usage subroutine configured with the <usage> text

$code = Getopt::Usaginator->usaginator( <usage> )

Return a subroutine configured with the <usage> text


More advanced usage is possible, peek under the hood for more information

    perldoc -m Getopt::Usaginator

An example:

    use Getopt::Usaginator
        # Called with the error
        error => sub { ... },
        # Called when usage printing is needed
        usage => sub { ... },

An example with Getopt::Long parsing

    use Getopt::Usaginator ...

    sub run {
        my $self = shift;
        my @arguments = @_;
        usage 0 unless @arguments;

        my ( $help );
            local @ARGV = @arguments;                                  
                'help|h|?' => \$help,

        usage 0 if $help;



  Robert Krimen <>


This software is copyright (c) 2010 by Robert Krimen.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.