Git::Helpers - Shortcuts for common Git commands


version 1.000001


    use Git::Helpers qw(

    my $dir              = '/path/to/folder/in/git/checkout';
    my $root             = checkout_root($dir);
    my $current_branch   = current_branch_name();
    my $https_remote_url = https_remote_url();
    my $inside_work_tree = is_inside_work_tree();
    my $remote_url       = remote_url('upstream');

checkout_root( $dir )

Gives you the root level of the git checkout which you are currently in. Optionally accepts a directory parameter. If you provide the directory parameter, checkout_root will temporarily chdir to this directory and find the top level of the repository.

This method will throw an exception if it cannot find a git repository at the directory provided.


Returns the name of the current branch.

https_remote_url( $remote_name, $use_current_branch )

This is a browser-friendly URL for the remote, fixed up in such a way that GitHub (hopefully) doesn't need to redirect your URL.

Turns into

Turns into

Defaults to using origin as the remote if none is supplied.

Defaults to master branch, but can also display current branch.

    my $current_branch_url = https_remote_url( 'origin', 1 );

ignored_files( $dir )

Returns an arrayref of files which exist in your checkout, but are ignored by Git. Optionally accepts a directory as an argument. Defaults to ".".

Throws an exception if there has been an error running the command.


Returns true if git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree returns true. Otherwise returns false. This differs slightly from the behaviour of --is-inside-work-tree in real life, since it returns fatal rather than false if run outside of a git repository.

remote_url( $remote_name )

Returns a URL for the remote you've requested by name. Defaults to 'origin'. Provides you with the exact URL which git returns. Nothing is fixed up for you.

    # defaults to 'origin'
    my $remote_url = remote_url();
    # $remote_url is now possibly something like one of the following:

    # get URL for upstream remote
    my $upstream_url = remote_url('upstream');


Olaf Alders <>


This software is copyright (c) 2015 by Olaf Alders.

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