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Git::Hooks::CheckYoutrack - Git::Hooks plugin which requires youtrack ticket number on each commit message


As a Git::Hooks plugin you don't use this Perl module directly. Instead, you may configure it in a Git configuration file like this:

    # Enable the plugin
    plugin = CheckYoutrack

 [githooks "checkyoutrack"]

    # '/youtrack' will be appended to this host
    youtrack-host = ""

    # Refer:
    # to create a Bearer token
    # You can also set YoutrackToken ENV instead of this config
    youtrack-token = "<your-token>"

    # Regular expression to match for Youtrack ticket id
    matchkey = "^((?:P)(?:AY|\\d+)-\\d+)"

    # Setting this flag will aborts the commit if valid Youtrack number not found
    # Shows a warning message otherwise - default false
    required = true 

    # Print the fetched youtrack ticket details like Assignee, State etc..,
    # default false
    print-info = true


This plugin hooks the following git hooks to guarantee that every commit message cites a valid Youtrack Id in the log message, so that you can be certain that every commit message has a valid link to the Youtrack ticket. Refer Git::Hooks Usage for steps to install and use Git::Hooks

This plugin also hooks prepare-commit-msg to pre-populate youtrack ticket sumary on the commit message if the current working branch name is starting with the valid ticket number


commit-msg, applypatch-msg

These hooks are invoked during the commit, to check if the commit message starts with a valid Youtrack ticket Id.


This hook is for remote repository and should be installed and configured at the remote git server. Checks for youtrack ticket on each commit message pushed to the remote repository and deny push if its not found and its required = true in the config, shows a warning message on client side if config required = false but accepts the push.


This hook is invoked before a commit, to check if the current branch name start with a valid youtrack ticket id and pre-populates the commit message with youtrack ticket: summary


Create a generic script that will be invoked by Git for every hook. Go to hooks directory of your repository, for local repository it is .git/hooks/ and for remote server it is ./hooks/ and create a simple executable perl script

    $ cd /path/to/repo/.git/hooks
    $ cat > <<'EOT'
    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use Git::Hooks;
    run_hook($0, @ARGV);
    $ chmod +x

Now you should create symbolic links pointing to this perl script for each hook you are interested in

For local repository

    $ cd /path/to/repo/.git/hooks

    $ ln -s commit-msg
    $ ln -s applypatch-msg
    $ ln -s prepare-commit-msg

For remote repository

    $ cd /path/to/repo/hooks

    $ ln -s update




Dinesh Dharmalingam, <>


This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.