Git::Raw::Commit - Git commit class


version 0.90


    use Git::Raw;

    # open the Git repository at $path
    my $repo = Git::Raw::Repository -> open($path);

    # add a file to the repository default index
    my $index = $repo -> index;
    $index -> add('test');
    $index -> write;

    # create a new tree out of the repository index
    my $tree_id = $index -> write_tree;
    my $tree    = $repo -> lookup($tree_id);

    # retrieve user's name and email from the Git configuration
    my $config = $repo -> config;
    my $name   = $config -> str('');
    my $email  = $config -> str('');

    # create a new Git signature
    my $me = Git::Raw::Signature -> now($name, $email);

    # create a new commit out of the above tree, with the repository HEAD as
    # parent
    my $commit = $repo -> commit(
      'some commit', $me, $me, [ $repo -> head -> target ], $tree


A Git::Raw::Commit represents a Git commit.

WARNING: The API of this module is unstable and may change without warning (any change will be appropriately documented in the changelog).


create( $repo, $msg, $author, $committer, [@parents], $tree [, $update_ref ] )

Create a new commit given a message, two Git::Raw::Signature (one is the commit author and the other the committer), a list of parent commits and a Git::Raw::Tree. If $update_ref is provided and is defined, the reference with the corresponding name is automatically updated or created. If $update_ref is undef, no reference is updated. If $update_ref is not provided, "HEAD" is updated.

annotated( )

Create a Git::Raw::AnnotatedCommit from the commit.

amend( $baseline, [@parents], $tree [, $update_ref ] )

Create a new commit using $baseline as a template for the message, author and committer. This method is useful for rewriting a commit, by replacing its parents and trees. See Git::Raw::Commit->create()

lookup( $repo, $id )

Retrieve the commit corresponding to $id. This function is pretty much the same as $repo->lookup($id) except that it only returns commits. If the commit doesn't exist, this function will return undef.

owner( )

Retrieve the Git::Raw::Repository owning the commit.

id( )

Retrieve the id of the commit, as a string.

message( )

Retrieve the message of the commit.

message_trailers( )

Retrieve the message trailers of the commit. Returns a hash.

summary( )

Retrieve the summary of the commit message.

body( )

Retrieve the body of the commit message.

author( )

Retrieve the Git::Raw::Signature representing the author of the commit.

committer( )

Retrieve the Git::Raw::Signature representing the committer.

time( )

Retrieve the committer time of the commit.

offset( )

Retrieve the committer time offset (in minutes) of the commit.

tree( )

Retrieve the Git::Raw::Tree the commit points to.

parents( )

Retrieve the list of parents of the commit.

merge( $commit, [ \%merge_opts ])

Merge $commit into this commit. See Git::Raw::Repository->merge() for valid %merge_opts values. Returns a Git::Raw::Index object containing the merge result.

ancestor( $gen )

Retrieve the Git::Raw::Commit object that is the $gen'th generation ancestor of this commit, following only the first parents.

diff( [$parent_no, \%diff_opts] )

Retrieve the diff associated with the commit. If the commit has no parents, $parent_no should not specified. Similarly, for merge commits, $parent_no should be specified. See Git::Raw::Repository->diff() for valid %diff_opts values. In this context, specifying a Git::Raw::Tree in %diff_opts will have no effect as it will be determined from the commit's parent.

as_email( [\%format_opts, \%diff_opts] )

Retrieve the patch e-mail associated with the commit. See Git::Raw::Repository->diff() for valid %diff_opts values. In this context, specifying a Git::Raw::Tree in %diff_opts will have no effect as it will be determined from the commit's parent. Valid fields for the %format_opts hash are:

  • "patch_no"

    The patch number for this commit.

  • "total_patches"

    Total number of patches.

  • "flags"

    E-mail generation flags. Valid fields for this hash include:

    • "exclude_subject_patch_marker"

      Don't insert "[PATCH]" in the subject header.


Alessandro Ghedini <>

Jacques Germishuys <>


Copyright 2012 Alessandro Ghedini.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See for more information.