Xiangliang Meng
and 1 contributors


Global::MutexLock - A xs module to give perl global mutex-lock between crons or web-app's workers


    use Global::MutexLock;


Global::MutexLock is a module to create os-level global mutex-lock for perl. You can lock anything between process to others, or web-applications, or threads,cron.

Mutex-lock's pointer is stored in System V IPC. You should let the process to know the IPC-ID for locking.

If you want to delete IPC-ID by yourself, please use 'ipcs','ipcrm'.


# 0. use Global::MutexLock;

    use Global::MutexLock qw(mutex_create mutex_destory mutex_lock mutex_unlock);   

# 1. create a new global mutex id # tips: you can create an id, and use it in different crons or apps

    my $mutex_id = mutex_create();  

# 2. take a lock

    unless (mutex_lock($mutex_id)) {  
        warn "lock error";  

# 3. do something... # ...

# 4. release lock

    unless (mutex_unlock($mutex_id)) {  
        warn "release lock error";  

# 5. destory mutex lock id # you must do it. otherwise the IPC id will be leaved in system. # or you can rm it by `ipcrm -m IPCID` # you can find IPCID by `ipcs`



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