The abstract base class for all Google Ads API services, e.g. CampaignService, AdGroupService, etc.


  use Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Client;

  my $api_client = Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Client->new({version => "V3"});

  my $campaign_service = $api_client->CampaignService();


Each service instance is initialized by Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Client, and these attributes are set automatically.

Alternatively, there is a get_ and set_ method associated with each attribute for retrieving or setting them dynamically.

  my %api_client_of : ATTR(:name<api_client> :default<>);


A reference to the Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Client, holding the API credentials and configurations.



Sends REST HTTP requests to Google Ads API server and handles the responses.


  • http_method: The HTTP request method, e.g. GET, POST.

  • request_path: The relative request URL which may contain wildcards to expand, e.g. {+resourceName}, {+customerId}.

  • request_body: A Perl object representing the HTTP request payload, which will be used to expand the {+resourceName} or any other expression in the request path and encoded into JSON string for a HTTP POST request.

  • response_type: The class name of the expected response. An instance of this class will be returned if the request succeeds.

  • content_callback: The optional streaming content callback method.


An instance of the class defined by the response_type parameter, or a Google::Ads::GoogleAds::GoogleAdsException object if an error has occurred at the server side by default. However if the die_on_faults flag is set to true in Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Client, the service will issue a die() with error message on API errors.


Prepare the basic HTTP request headers including Content-Type, user-agent, developer-token and login_customer_id - if needed. The headers will be consolidated with access token in the method of "prepare_request" in Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Common::OAuth2BaseHandler.


The basic HTTP headers including Content-Type, user-agent, developer-token and login_customer_id - if needed.


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