A concrete implementation of Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Common::OAuth2ApplicationsHandler that defines the scope required to access the Google Ads API server using OAuth2 for Web/Installed Applications. See for details of the protocol.

Refer to the base object Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Common::OAuth2ApplicationsHandler for a complete documentation of all the methods supported by this handler class.


Each of these attributes can be set via Google::Ads::GoogleAds::OAuth2ApplicationsHandler->new().

Alternatively, there is a get_ and set_ method associated with each attribute for retrieving or setting them dynamically.

Refer to Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Common::OAuth2ApplicationsHandler documentation of all the supported attributes.



Method defined by Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Common::OAuth2BaseHandler and implemented in this class to return the required OAuth2 scopes as an array.


An array of required OAuth2 scopes for authorization.


Method defined by Google::Ads::GoogleAds::Common::OAuth2ApplicationsHandler and implemented in this class to return the OAuth2 scopes as a list of encoded URLs separated by pluses. This is the format expected when sending the OAuth2 request in a URL.


The encoded URL string of OAuth2 scopes separated by pluses.


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