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An object represting a result from a Google search (via Google::Search)


There are a variety of property accessors associated with each result depending which service you use (web, blog, news, local, etc.)

For more information, see http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxsearch/documentation/reference.html#_intro_GResult

For example, a local result has lat accessor and lng accessor:

    print $result->uri, " ", $result->title, " at ", $result->lat, " ", $result->lng, "\n";


A URI object best representing the location of the result


"Supplies the title value of the result"


"Supplies the title, but unlike .title, this property is stripped of html markup (e.g., <b>, <i>, etc.)"


The position of the result in the search (0-based)


The previous result before $result or undef if beyond the first


The next result after $result or undef if after the last


"Indicates the "type" of result"

The result class as given by Google