Graph::ChainBuilder - build directed 2-regular cyclic graphs


This object collects data into a set of ordered chains, allowing you to organize e.g. edges AB,CD,AD,CB into the circular sequence AB,BC,CD,DA while keeping track of the directionality of the input data.

  my $graph = Graph::ChainBuilder->new;

  while(whatever) {
    $graph->add($p0, $p1, $data);

An edge is defined by the strings $p0 and $p1. The $data is whatever you want to associate with an edge.

  foreach my $loop ($graph->loops) {
    foreach my $edge (@$loop) {


This code will identify multiple independent loops in an arbitrary set of unordered edges, but assumes that all loops are closed and that no stray edges exist. The result is undefined if your input contains duplicate or dangling edges.


  my $graph = Graph::ChainBuilder->new;


Adds an edge to the graph. The nodes $p0 and $p1 will be connected (if possible) to the existing loops.

  $graph->add($p0, $p1, $data);

Attempting to add an edge with a point which has already been connected will throw an error.


  my $e = Graph::ChainBuilder::edge->new($p0, $p1, $rev, $data);


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