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Graphics::ColorNames::PantoneReport - RGB values of Pantone Report colors


  require Graphics::ColorNames::PantoneReport;

  $NameTable = Graphics::ColorNames::PantoneReport->NamesRgbTable();
  $RgbBlack  = $NameTable->{'airyblue'};


See the documentation of Graphics::ColorNames for information how to use this module.

This module defines 184 names and associated RGB values of colors that were part of the annual report of the Pantone Institute from 2016 to 2022. They reflect trends at the New York Fashion Week and should not be mistaken for the colors of the palette created by Pantone for Designers, which can be accessed via Graphics::ColorNames::Pantone. I choose TPX (TPG) over TCX values since ladder are specific to the textile industry and I assume usage of this module is monitor related. However, when no TPX (TPG) available we took TCX, since I dont have the exact conversion formula.

All names are lower case and do not contain space or apostrophes or other none ASCII characters - the originally named "Potter's Clay" is here "pottersclay" and 'Crème de Peche' => 'cremedepeche'. But you can actually access them as "Potters_Clay" and 'Creme_de_Peche' because Graphics::ColorNames does normalize names lc and removing '_'.


Pantone Report Colors



Herbert Breunung <>

Based on Graphics::ColorNames::X by Robert Rothenberg.


Copyright 2022 Herbert Breunung

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.